Adeyinka Akinwande  is a poet and a performing artiste.  Adeyinka is a cofounder of the Hope Rise Ayinke Foundations a charity for people with fire accidents. 


The Nigerian national youth service award

Benita international award for cultural and academic contributions

Adeyinka Akinwande performing "Eyo EKO" dance  at the BBC tower in London with  the  bush theatre neighbourhood project in 2016. An energetic four days  sold out show.

Adeyinka Akinwande entertaining the elders at the askew road library coffee morning

Entertaining the elders , with rapper Vic .

the mayor of Hammersmith and Fulham joins in a dance during a London festival

Adeyinka Akinwande models for the bush theatre photo exhibition of a new drama "This Place We Know"

Adeyinka Akinwande models for the bush theatre on a new  drama project "This place we know "

photo exhibition.  A Yoruba pose for the bush theatre  new play "this place we know "

The human library project London 28th September 2016

human library London, UK 28th September 2016

Adeyinka Akinwande and Vicnesh "spiritual Don", performs at the   "World Mental Health Day" '2016, london.

at the queen's birthday  2016

Adeyinka Akinwande.  this is our story, this is our mission, this is our project

let's make them smile more .Adeyinka Akinwande

Adeyinka Akinwande,Mayor and Nigerian elder

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